Benefits of Tanning Beds

Proper Use of Tanning Beds Offers Benefits to Tanners

Tanning beds all too often have a negative stigma shrouding them. Users of tanning beds frequently combat heavy, unsolicited criticism from well-meaning friends and family. But is that criticism valid? As with most things, it’s more a question of how tanning beds are intended to be used versus how they’re sometimes abused. Properly and responsibly used, tanning beds do offer real benefits to their users.

Improved Physical Health

Indoor tanning has been shown to elevate Vitamin D levels in the bodies of tanners. Vitamin D, specifically Vitamin D deficiency, has long been linked to increased risk of cancer and diseases of the heart and bones. Problems arising from dermatitis and psoriasis are also known to decrease with measured doses of UV administration, the likes of which you can get in tanning beds.

Improved Mental Health

Due to tanning’s benefit of increasing Vitamin D levels, improved mental health is a natural byproduct. Vitamin D levels are known to directly correlate to mental health and well-being. People with decreased or deficient Vitamin D levels are prone to higher rates of depression and general mood deflation. Those who treat their Vitamin D deficiencies through the use of methods like tanning beds see improved moods and outlook on life.

Controlled Environment

Use of tanning beds versus a more traditional method like laying out in the sun, in the backyard or at the beach, allows for a level of control you simply cannot achieve outside. Tanning beds can be calibrated for specific levels of UV rays. Not only that, but users determine exactly how long they’re exposed to the rays. Ever fallen asleep while laying out and wake up sore and crispy? Or perhaps one side is tanner than the other? Those fears are easily allayed through the use of tanning beds. Even if users do fall asleep, timers are set before they ever climb inside. So there’s no need to fear overexposure. There are tons of options out there of highly optimized tanning beds for sale.

Escape Overcrowded Beaches

I absolutely love the ocean; it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures. But what I don’t love is crowded beaches. Overcrowding of beaches and other prime outdoor spots makes it difficult to actually go and relax. Swimming is one thing, but tanning on a crowded beach? No thanks. If you need to get your tan on, tanning beds are a far less stressful way to do it than dealing with the masses. And if crowds aren’t a problem for you, it’s certainly a bonus to have complete privacy when you’re tanning, especially if you’re one of those who prefers to tan in the buff.